Digital Microcircuit Testing
Component Packaging
Taping and Reeling
Prom Programming
Environmental Conditioning
Solderability / Tinning
PLD Programming
Final Inspection
Hardware / Assembly and Fabrication
Reliability Testing
R/F Microwave
Discrete Testing
Materials Analysis
Relays & Cables
RF Microwave
Environmental Testing
Prom Programming


Reliability Testing

Bond Pull and Die Shear

Steam Aging and Solderability Test Stations — Solder Tinning and Lead Cleaning

PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection)

Constant Acceleration (Centrifuge)

Marking and Resistance to Solvent Test

Optical Microscope Systems for Internal Visual Inspection (Failure Analysis) – SEM

Hermeticity Seal Detection (Fine and Gross)

Pressurization System for Gross (Fluorocarbon) and Fine (Helium)

Leak Detection

Environmental Testing at NJMET Reliability Testing at NJMET

Reliability Testing at NJMET, Clifton NJReliabililty Testing at NJMET, Clifton, NJReliability Testing at NJMET